Discover and share your experience and places on the route with your friends and other truckdrivers, while earning badges and trophies for exploring different places and routes. Follow your friends and see what they are exploring and do at their routes. But also warn other drivers what not to do and be careful with.

For example, you stop at a warehouse to unload your truck. You drive to the backside of the building but when you are there they tell you to drive to the frontside of the warehouse and wait for a forklift gets out to unload you. You need to reverse your truck back to the frontside again and after that you need to talk with security before unloading your cargo. The people who works here are really kind and its good service. But don’t sleep outside here because there are a lot of crime nighttime. Share your experience to other drivers now by check in to that place. You rate the place 4 out of 5, say a few words about your experience and share with others. Next time when any other driver gets here he know what to do and what not to do.

If the place are not added, add that place on the map and write a short info about that place.
Another example If you go into a restaurant. The food is delicious, and the service was super but, the area was really dirty and a mess everywhere. And the toilets you should not even talk about. You rate the place with 2,5 out of 5 and say a few words about your experience. Who knows maybe next time you come for a visit at this restaurant the rumor has reached the restaurant and the place is nice and shiny?

On your route, use the map and filter what you´re looking for. You can see distance and average ratings, friends who been here and more.

Going to a place you never been before? Search for it and see if any friends have been there and ask them how it works?

Have a safe trip!!


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