Want to be seen in convoy club mobile app?

Welcome to contact us about advertising and commercials in our mobile app.
We can help your company to be noticed among truck drivers.

In Convoy Club mobile app you can be seen by thousands of users every day.
There are various possibilities for advertising in the mobile app.
We offer companies advertising space with advertising such as banner, advertising where you can be seen in the flow or why not a popup that pops up in the phone when the person in question approaches your company.
Advertising with us is very simple and you quickly reach your target audienceYou decide whether, for example, you want to be seen all over the country, across Europe, or perhaps the whole world!
You can also choose only in specific regions, in connection with certain events or if you want to reach out to a particular clientele.
The mobile app works on smartphones and tablets.

Please contact us for a price proposal and / or a good arrangement for your advertising.